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Welcome to LetterAltura 2016

Tenth Edition

22 – 26 June 2016

For the tenth year running, a Cultural Festival not to be missed – Lago Maggiore LetterAltura 2015: 44 events, meetings with authors, performances, and creative workshops, 3 exhibitions and more than 60 national and international guests to focus attention on the mountains and promote them as one of the global priorities of humanity; the only source of water that can guarantee a future for next generations.

Joining us, among others, will be: the writers Adonis, Stefano Amato, Emanuela Artini, Fabio Canino, Elena Dak, Erminio Ferrari, Ilaria Gallinaro, Bruno Gambarotta, Paolo Ghezzi, Francesco Gungui, Lello Gurrado, Giuseppe Lupo, Marco Malvaldi, Riccardo Mazzeo, Alberto Paleari, Alberto Pellai, Stefano Piedimonte, Alessandro Robecchi, Giampaolo Simi, Marco Volken, the musicians Quartetto K and Magnasco Quartet, the actors of Attodue and Dora Ciccone, the climbers François Cazzanelli, Marco Farina, Arturo Squinobal, the architects Michael Jakob, Labics, Brunella Lorenzi, Nausikaa Mandana Rahmati, the journalists Marco Casa, Alessandro Bonino, Gianfranco Fabi, Daniela Fornaciarini, Enrico Martinet, Angelo Miotto, Laura Piazzi, Simonetta Radice, Cora Ranci, Farian Sabahi, Roberto Spagnoli, Giorgio Tartaro, Teresio Valsesia, the philosophers Bruno Nassim Aboudrar, Fabio Minazzi, Francesca Rigotti, the Professors Annalisa Brichese, Fabio Caon, Giacomo Jori, the directors Gregor Božič, Julian Roman Pölsler, Perla Sardella, Fredo Valla,  the scientists Amedeo Balbi, Luca Mercalli, the photographers Vincenzo Cottinelli, Walter Zerla.

The programme framework remains unchanged from last year: from morning meetings to late night performances, the public will be able to meet the authors, participate in debates, reflect on our chosen themes and enjoy many other interesting activities.
In the programme, however, there are some interesting new activities that can be found in the online version.

KID’S SPACE! LetterAltura is a festival for everyone: adults and children. Kids of all ages will be able to get involved by joining in our special activities provided just for them. These include: funny and creative activities and scientific and manual labs.

Lago Maggiore LetterAltura 2016: an occasion to discover a wonderful place together with well-known personalities of international culture.

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